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What we do


What We Do
Effective employees, efficient processes and careful planning are vital for any business to compete and prosper.
These factors become even more critical as an organization strives to progress to the next level or when the prevailing market and economic conditions change.

The DevelopingStrategy team works with business owners, managers and customer-facing employees to identify and implement effective measures to improve business results. This is achieved by increasing sales revenues, retaining customers, planning more effectively and making better business decisions. Whatever the objective, we work to achieve results that are measurable and which have been both defined and agreed with our clients.

Effective communication is critical for all organizations. The DevelopingStrategy team is comprised of expert facilitators and business meeting managers who are keen to share their skills and knowledge. We provide professional facilitation services to design and manage critical project and business meetings. In addition, we offer a range of training programs to enhance the facilitation skills of our clients and the effectiveness of their business meetings and decision-making processes.

Drawing on solid experience in sales and sales management, business process analysis and design, business decision-making, and customer relationship management; the DevelopingStrategy team works with clients to produce and implement winning strategies in the form of SALES STRAP which is a browser-based, tactical sales support tool. SALES STRAP is an online playbook that provides tactical support to sales people so they always have the resources they need to make more sales.

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Tel. 212 561 7472